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Article: Brainwaves to replace passwords predict scientists

Brainwaves to replace passwords predict scientists It is hard to believe that scientist are working on a way to make our brain wave talk to our phones.  If you think of all the things that man can do I don’t see how anyone can deny that we are made in the image of Yahweh.

VZW Galaxy S4

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 sign up page now live

Originally posted by at Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 sign up page now live Still no dates given, but a great way to show your interest in Samsung’s newest on Big Red Yesterday Verizon confirmed that their Samsung Galaxy S4 would be available sometime in May, and today they have made the sign up page for […]


Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The video below shows the new Windows 8 preview that will most likely be Windows saving grace.  This upgrade will be able to run on both tablets and desktops. If Microsoft plays its cards right they can place them selves highly in the tablet market.   To download the free Preview follow this link.


Windows 8 – the Apple Killer

Windows 8 is the codename of the next version of Microsoft Windows, a family of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, servers, and media center PCs. It adds support for ARM microprocessors in addition to the traditional x86 microprocessors from Intel and […]