Fear of Shadows

This morning I was woke up to hear my son crying.  So I walked over to see what was wrong he proceeded to tell me that he was afraid of the dark, when he went to use the restroom.  so I asked him why didn’t he turn the light on.  He just looked at me with a puzzled look, so I told don’t ever be afraid of the dark just turn the light on.

As I thought about the situation the Holy Spirit revealed to me that this is how most Christian handle there problems.  When the presence of darkness appears in their life they begin to yell, scream, and complain.  When all God wants them to do is turn on their FAITH Light.  He word says that he will never leave you or forsake so what are we crying about.  We will sit hear and complain that the devil is busy, when the truth of the matter is that the devil is just like a shadow.  All shadows must leave when they are in the presence of light.  As we all know Jesus is the light of the world so their is nothing that satan can do to prevent you from walking in all that God has in store for you.  So what we need to do is get up remove the shades of doubt, disbelief, and frustration.  And let the light of God shine in your life.


Gyasi Lamar Story

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