Embattled teacher will speak out at Christian event

Daily Commercial.


The article above is a great example of how America is turning its back on Christian values.  The teacher in this article did nothing more than exercise his 1st amendment rights.  America is in a period were no one wants to be accountable for their actions.  When someone addresses their faults, they will twist the law to silence the accuser.


It is time for America to go back to its “In God We Trust Roots”.  Even the christian population has turned an eye to the regulations that God has placed on out lives.  The scripture state that we must confess with our mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus Christ is our LORD and SAVIOR.  What  people fail to relies is that this requires you to follow the instructions that God has given us.  So many Christians only look to Jesus as a Savior.  Only call on him to save them from their sinful and foolish ways.  But according to scripture true salvation come from not only believe that he is our savior but also acknowledging and acting like he is our Lord.  There is another verse in the bible were Jesus speaks to a group and ask them why call ye me Lord, Lord and do not the things that I say.  This is a clear example illustrating that Jesus expects us to follow his commandments and believe that he is our savior.  This is the true way to salvation.