A Twisted Metal movie is in the works

An evil clown character drives onstage as Sony announces its new version of Twisted Metal for Playstation 3 on June 15, 2010, in Los Angeles. (CBS) The live-action video game Twisted Metal is headed to the big screen. Deadline reports that Sony

No one can guarantee the future success of Twisted Metal, and making DLC for a poorly performing game amounts little more than throwing away money. It may very well be within both the developer's and publisher's best interests to take a more cautious

The Twisted Metal series has always been that way for me. As my prepubescent self might have exclaimed at the series' introduction so many years ago, "A clown with a perpetually flaming head drives around in an ice cream

Reiner is a big fan of car combat games in general and Twisted Metal in particular, but he's largely avoided the pre-release buzz for David Jaffe's latest. In this video, both of us experience the new game for the first time.

First up is the rebirth of “Twisted Metal” (PS3; rated Mature), the demented and popular car combat franchise that dates to the original PlayStation. If you enjoy shooters and somehow never tried the series, you're missing out.