Apple planning solar for North Carolina data center

by Alexander Bloom As the Chinese, Spanish, Indian, and American governments subsidize the growth of wind technology as a source of renewable energy, they're learning that breakthroughs in the field require more than money. “Unglamorous persistence

Imagine if you will an energy supply that allowed you to produce power right at your home. Energy that is as affordable, quiet and clean as solar but not intermittent. Perhaps you would be referring to fuel cell technology. According to Bloom Energy,

Fuel cell makers targeting data centers: Fuel cell makers like Bloom Energy, FuelCell Energy, and ClearEdge Power are targeting data center operators with their on site cleaner power sources. AT&T plans to install 75 Bloom

Two likely suppliers of the fuel cells are Bloom Energy or FuelCell Energy . Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has already spent an estimated $1 billion to build the 500000-square-foot data center in Maiden, NC, which plays a major role in its iCloud storage and

Combined, Cox's 14 alternative energy installations in California annually prevent 15500 tons of carbon emissions from entering the environment, the equivalent of removing 367 cars from the road. The five new fuel cells are Bloom Energy Servers and