Celebrate Presidents Day 2012

Presidents' Day is not a big food holiday. Sandwiched between the wings-n'-guac of Superbowl Sunday, the noodles and dumplings of the Lunar New Year, and the kings' cake and jambalaya of this Tuesday's Mardi Gras

Happy President's Day. Jon Adams bio ↓ · February 20th, 2012 · filed under art, Homepage Feature, Other, rumpus original. Rumpus artist extraordinaire Jon Adams brings us a comic that reveals an important message from Lincoln: Tweet

Not only did they fail to win the presidency during the last few election cycles, but they each came from states with a fairly small population. While of course only one candidate can emerge as the winner each cycle, and many

By Tony Cooper • Mon, Feb 20th, 2012 As is the case with most federal holidays, Presidents Day has evolved into standard fare: a day off, giving folks ample time to head to the mall and big box stores to buy 42-inch HD TVs, mattresses,

It's Presidents Day: The kids are off school, the grown-ups are off work and the stores are promoting big sales with patriotic themes. According to the federal government, today isn't Presidents Day at all. There is no such thing.