Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Five Season-Premiere Shockers

I didn't know who half of them were, so I thought it might be nice for us all to learn a little more about the has-been's, wanna-be's and almost-were's that make up this seasons Celebrity Apprentice cast together. With 18

Donald Trump returns with “The Celebrity Apprentice” and an all-new lineup of celebrities. Donald Trump tasks 18 new Celebrities to create and sell deli sandwiches in a fundraising competition for charity. Due to a tragic

A sandwich-making challenge pits the men against the women in the season's first episode.

NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice isn't exactly the place for quiet leadership. That's the lesson that was reinforced on Sunday's Season 5 premiere.

Sunday night's fifth season premiere of “Celebrity Apprentice" will host a record number of 18 contestants, which means there's also a larger variety of cast members, from Adam Carolla and Penn Jillette to Arsenio Hall and