Florida Offers Look At Problems With Education Law, No Child Left Behind

By Jennifer Grove – bio | email AP Source: Obama to change birth control rule Tri-state teachers in Kentucky and Indiana welcomed the end of No Child Left Behind Thursday. Newport Middle School social studies teacher Marcia Stegeman says she was happy

The President announces that 10 states will receive flexibility to implement reforms that raise standards for student achievement without being required to m

By Daniel Marra According to the Boston Globe, President Obama is expected to announce that Massachusetts will be granted a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind Law. It's a move that Winchester Superintendent William McAlduff said will benefit

The Obama Administration will announce later today that it is awarding No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waivers to 10 states.

Yet when it comes to the federal No Child Left Behind law, the school hasn't lived up to expectations. Last year, 79 percent of students had to be at grade level in reading and 80 percent in math. Overall, the students exceeded those goals.