Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 17: Helicon Remote, One Epic Game, Ninja Chicken

It's that time of year againthe time for best-of lists! Luckily, I kept this one short: one book per medium. Enjoy. Short Story Collection: Burning Bright by Ron Rash Rash might be the best Appalachian writer alive, and certainly

Back in November, Craig from TC Helicon sent us one of their new products the VoiceLive Rack, to try out and review. I got to play with it first and here's what I thought of it. TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack Overview The VoiceLive

"Old Songs" was completed after Banai's family, including his widow, Aviva, gave their blessing to the Helicon recording company. "Yossi's presence is felt in the album," Aviva told Haaretz, adding "I hope he would have liked the result.

For more than a decade, TC-Helicon has lived to serve the needs of singers, giving vocalists everywhere the opportunity to express themselves in new and amazing ways. Likewise, TC-Helicon's sister company, TC Electronic,

Now, TC-Helicon has done the same for guitarist/singers with the release of the VoiceLive Play GTX, the world's first ever combination of complete vocal and guitar processing. The VoiceLive Play GTX takes everything that VoiceLive Play gave to singers