'Glee' recap: Darling Ricky

He´s seksi and he knows it! This week Ricky Martin will make his debut as McKinley High´s new Spanish teacher, Señor Martinez. But before we get to see him shake his hips on Glee,

Guest host David Greene is joined by Ricky Martin, the sports editor of the Murray Ledger-Times. Surprising as it may be, the Super Bowl is not the only sporting event taking place this weekend. It's also college basketball season.

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On Tuesday night's "Glee," Ricky Martin guest stars as "The Spanish Teacher," and aside from shaking his bon-bon, Martin will also be making quite an impression on the New Directions.

Last night was the Ricky Martin episode of Glee! Much like Gwyneth, Martin played a vivacious Spanish teacher who swooped into the drab daily grind at McKinley to show up Will Schuester at his own gig. And just like Ms. Paltrow, it seems that Martin