GOP race could be reshaped by CPAC, Maine contests

Yesterday, John Hawkins and staged the first ever CPAC Blogger Awards, which John organized and emceed in part. The awards recognized a number of excellent bloggers, such as Pamela Gellar, Jim Hoft,

The remarks came at the conclusion of his speech at CPAC, the annual gathering of Republican activists held here in Washington. “They wasted precious time while that oil was coming in to our coast,” Jindal said. “They refused to listen to the people

"I have a record [of] being a strong conservative on the issues that matter and I'm going to point that out when I'm with my friends at CPAC." For Santorum, the challenge is the opposite of Romney, Cardenas said. "Rick Santorum I think has got to

At the Conservative Political Action Conference–a combination trade show and political rally for College Republicans–conservatives express hope that the Repubican Party will be united behind a candidate before the general election in November. (Feb.

The Sights & Sounds From Friday CPAC 2012. Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, February 10, 2012, 10:06 PM. Paid goons. The union thugs and paid #occupiers were bused in today to block traffic and cause havoc at CPAC. Cool and collected