Griffin Capital Buys AT&T Wireless Data Center

With unlimited data plans disappearing, data-starved wireless users got some good news from AT&T Wireless yesterday: The carrier is increasing the sizes of its respective data plans. But as is so often the case with such hikes, the good news comes with

The property serves as AT&T Wireless' National Network Operations Center, its 'next-generation' research and development facility, and is subject to a long term triple-net lease. AT&T Wireless, the country's second largest cell phone service provider,

Samsung didn't go that route with the Captivate Glide, their 4-inch full QWERTY slide that is currently available on AT&T Wireless. If you like phones with physical keyboards, then you're most-likely going to like the Samsung Captivate Glide,

The research firm Nielsen said Tuesday that AT&T Wireless was the biggest advertiser on national televised sports in the 12 months ended last Sept. 30, spending $423.5 million on national network and cable TV ads. In its report "State of the Media:

By Jason Green The Palo Alto City Council is being asked to cut the cord on AT&T's plan to install a network of utility pole-mounted antennas. On Monday, council members are scheduled to hear four appeals filed by residents in response to Planning and