IRS seeks nearly $1 billion budget increase for hiring spree

Updated at 1:45 p.m. ET Friday: An IRS spokeswoman said Friday that the problems with the Where's My Refund tool have been fixed and it is now working. Original post: The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday that

IRS: Beware of Dirty Dozen tax scams | annual, issued, beware, revenue, dirty, scams, dozen, service, internal, tax.

A computer glitch over at your friendly neighborhood Internal Revenue Service has crippled the agency's usually helpful online tool that allows users to track the status of their IRS refund. The organization has admitted that a glitch has occurred,

According to IRS documents filed with the state agencies, Rosenfield was paid $472288 in "legal/professional" fees from ConsumerWatchdog in 2010. He also received $40530 in political consulting fees from the organization's political committees that

Up to $1000 of the credit is refundable, meaning that even if you don't otherwise owe tax, the IRS will cut you a check for that amount. These provisions are temporarily higher through 2012, after which they're scheduled to get cut back.