Is Allen Iverson broke after earning $154 million in NBA?

Allen Iverson may or may not have blown through the sizeable fortune he amassed during his legendary 14-year NBA career. That appears to be the central point that, gauging by today's headlines, folks walked away with

A Georgia judge has ordered Allen Ezail Iverson to pay a jeweler about $860000. But apparently he can't, so his bank account has been commandeered, and his earnings, whatever of them may be left, are to be garnisheed.

Contributor Network Feb 14, 2:38 pm EST Now that news reports indicate that Allen Iverson is bankrupt from his career $154 million earnings, I suppose it's hypocritical for Pistons fans to question why Joe Dumars ever wanted this head case so badly,

By Cindy Boren There was a time, in the NBA's post-Michael Jordan era, when Allen Iverson was considered to be “The Answer” and he was paid accordingly. Iverson pulled in $154 million just on Philadelphia 76ers paychecks; outside deals sent that figure

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith wrote on Saturday that the Lakers showed interest in Allen Iverson. They would reportedly require that he play in the NBA Developmental League for a couple weeks before potentially joining the NBA roster.