Jeremy Lin: From novelty to Knicks star

Knicks guard Jeremy Lin, front, drives to the bucket by Jazz guard Earl Watson during the second half in New York. In his first career start, Lin scored a career-high 28 points to lead the short-handed Knicks to their second consecutive win.

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AP NEW YORK — Mike D'Antoni shook his fists in the air as Jeremy Lin's clutch shot fell through the net. It wasn't just the basket that had D'Antoni giddy. It's the feeling that he's found the point guard who can get his offense running.

The housing choice is understandable once you get to know Jeremy Lin. [] His contract, potentially worth nearly $800000, was not even guaranteed until Tuesday afternoon. So for the past six weeks, Lin, 23, has been

Jeremy Lin has scored 53 points and dished out 15 assists in the Knicks' last two home wins over the Nets and Jazz. (Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images). All season, Knicks fans have been tracking every update on