Jeremy Lin: Three games removed from bench, ready to take on Lakers

In his three bolt-from-the-blue games with the Knicks, Jeremy Lin has proved too quick for opposing defenders, too quick for professional basketball's marketing machine, even too quick for New York's black market in counterfeit goods.

We could probably squeeze 3-4 more people on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon.

You've probably seen Jeremy Lin paralyzing John Wall with a crossover dribble Wednesday night, knifing through the lane before driving hard and rising for his first dunk in an NBA game. But the zeitgeist moment that came afterward was actually more

Lin exceeded expectations against the Wizards on Wednesday night. He raised his game and that of his Knicks teammates while recording the first double-double of his career.

Leading the way in these games has been point guard sensation Jeremy Lin. The Knicks will once again be without Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, so the offense will likely be coming from Lin again. Lin will look to continue New York's winning