Jerry Seinfeld vs. Jay Leno Super Bowl Commercial: Acura NSX Ad Features …

Jerry Seinfeld is so excited about the new Acura NSX that he will stop at nothing to acquire the very first one. Check out the extended version of Acura's bi

In this Super Bowl commercial, two comedians who conquered the stage and then television, compete over the honor of owning the first Acura NSX. Jerry Seinfeld appears to have the inside track on the first NSX before a rival flies in to swipe it out

By Edi Pop on February 5, 2012 Acura is planning to return to the supercar industry with their new NSX. Since this project was dropped in 2005, and its restart has been delayed because of the negative global economy situation, Honda enthusiasts have

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By Frank Markus Acura's 1991 NSX put an end to the era when sexy supercars could be unreliable, ill-handling, ergonomic disasters. The all-aluminum mid-engine marvel delivered laser-sharp handling and high-revving acceleration suffused with Japanese