Madonna Halftime Show: The Reviews Are In!

The talk in the press today, the day after the Superbowl, is all about musician MIA giving the middle finger to America during the half-time performance. But the talk DURING the halftime performance was all about Madonna being old, a trend I find

By James Poniewozik | @poniewozik | February 6, 2012 | + I went into last night's Madonna Super Bowl halftime show expecting to hate it: yet another performer whose appeal can charitably be described as “nostalgic” (see The Rolling Stones, The Who,

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime show gallery (21 photos) She wasn't as spry as she used to be. She checked her cheekiness at the stadium door. And she almost certainly lip-synched her way through an eye-popping performance

We're not going to lie, we were a bit worried when Madonna was announced as the performer for this year's Super Bowl halftime show. But Madge came through in the end with her

Madonna rocked out at halftime of Super Bowl XLVI. What did you think of the legend's performance?