Mark Sanchez asks Santonio Holmes to be his Valentine

All-American beauty Kate Upton, the rumored lover of Mark Sanchez, has landed the coveted spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated's 2012 Swimsuit Edition. Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet All-American beauty Kate Upton has landed the top spot

Video – Mark Sanchez has been seen visiting Kate Upton's apartment numerous times in the last few months, but the Sports Illustrated model is playing coy with the press about their relationship.

By Nate Davis, USA TODAY The fractured relationship between Jets QB Mark Sanchez and WR Santonio Holmes was a major reason for the team's descent to .500 after consecutive appearances in the AFC Championship Game. Sanchez, who's been lying low since

Quarterback Mark Sanchez regressed in 2011, but the New York Jets apparently don't blame his position coach, Matt Cavanaugh. In a move that surely will cause their fans to groan, the Jets announced Monday that Cavanaugh will be retained as their

After analyzing several recent draft classes, however, one player jumped off the page as a perfect Ponder comp: Mark Sanchez. When you've finished dry heaving, check out the chart above. Ponder and Sanchez's rookie seasons are closely aligned,