MIA Flips Bird, Upstages Madonna at Super Bowl

She makes the naughty gesture during "Give Me All Your Luvin'" Sunday.

British rapper MIA's silly, mainstream attention grabbing middle finger is hardly the most obscene thing seen in Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday night though. The play of Tom Brady — the quarterback so many have so prematurely rushed to brand one of the

Click here MIA flips bird during Super Bowl halftime show Originally published: February 6, 2012 3:35 AM Updated: February 6, 2012 8:10 AM By The Associated Press DAVID BAUDER (AP Entertainment Writer) The NFL and a major television network are

MIA seeks and destroys Madonna's 'family friendly' plan for the Superbowl; Drake ex-girldfriend sues for credit and another five minutes of fame; Puddle of Mudd lead singer arrested on drug possession. Madonna's attempt to keep her Superbowl

Here we go again. During the Super Bowl half-time show, singer M.I.A. flipped off millions of viewers during TV's most-watched telecast of the year. She made the gesture (photos and video below) during a performance of