Nick Cannon health issues force 'Talent' host to quit radio show

After standing by his lady's side at this year's BET Honors, it seemed like Nick Cannon was not only back in good spirits, but also feeling much better.

Black Sabbath's drummer is still hopeful he can remain Black Sabbath's drummer; Nick Cannon has signed off of his radio show; Robin Thicke was arrested for possessing that ol' devil weed; and George Clinton is officially a doctor of funk.

Mariah Carey—who is confirmed to attend Houston's funeral alongside LA Reid—sang with Whitney on "When You Believe," and when E! News caught up with hubby Nick Cannon at the Orpheum today for the LA auditions of America's Got Talent, he shared what a

"Even Superman has to sleep," says Mariah Carey's husband, who was hospitalized last weekend for two blood clots and an enlarged ventricle in his heart.

It's no secret that he's had some medical issues as of late, and Nick Cannon has just announced he'll be hanging up his microphone on “Rollin' with Nick Cannon.” The media personality has been charged to simplify his life a