Norovirus: Outbreaks on Cruise Ships and In US

Dozens of students at Rider University were hospitalized Wednesday night and four were taken to the hospital on Thursday, suffering from a gastrointestinal illness.

Cruise ship illnesses: More than 200 passengers and crew members aboard two Princess cruise ships have been felled by gastrointestinal illness.

State public health officials have been notified of multiple outbreaks of norovirus and employees of local schools and the YMCA say it is moving through the New.

Norovirus has been recently infected several cruise ships. It is rampant in Wisconsin and there are growing outbreaks in several US States. Last week the Ruby and Crown Princess both had outbreaks involving nearly 500 people. Then Saturday a third ship

An update from a compiled response by Dean of Students Anthony Campbell, Associate Vice President for Planning Debbie Stasolla and Executive Director of University Communications Dan Higgins: There has been a