Now we'll see if Jeremy Lin is for real!

Knicks Newsday > Sports > Basketball > Knicks Jeremy Lin's time to shine tonight Published: February 10, 2012 3:12 PM By AL IANNAZZONE Jeremy Lin was a Baron Davis elbow infection away from being waived and becoming a 10-day

By Stephen A. Smith Stephen A. Smith stops by SportsCenter to discuss Jeremy Lin, and whether or not to buy into the hype.Tags: Stephen A Smith, Jeremy Lin Now we'll see what this Linsanity is all about! Because of three games, three games against the

In the wake of Lin's rise in popularity, the first person that the media wants to compare him to is, naturally, the hottest athlete at the moment: Tim Tebow. But for many reasons such a comparison is lazy.

Jeremy Lin is no longer sleeping on Landry Fields couch. But what happened to the couch?

Jeremy Lin is unleashing Linsanity all over the NBA and now that his meteoric rise is underway, the Knicks' new point guard says he's done sleeping on his brother's couch. Lin says he wasn't about to buy his own place when he was riding the bench as an