Prince Charles leads Dickens anniverary celebrations

Bleak House is Dickens' grandest, most virtuosic achievement, but with all that grandeur and virtuosity it still makes me cry for Esther Summerson. The novel is divided into two strands: the story of rich, haughty, reserved Lady Dedlock,

He was Charles Dickens, one of the world's greatest storytellers, and most complex characters. Two hundred years after his birth, on Feb. 7, 1812, we still see his Victorian world through the word pictures he painted. He coined words and expressions we

While you're soaking up the thriving contemporary theater, art, and design scenes, take a day to step back into the crowded, foggy London of the 19th century—and wish Victorian novelist Charles Dickens a happy birthday.

Google's latest Doodle marks the 200th Birthday of british novelist Charles Dickens but also marks the first time that the company has used their logo change to specifically promote a product or service.

Well after toasting the Queen it's now time to charge the glasses again and let's hear it for dear old Charles, two hundred today and doesn't look a day older for all the love he's getting right now. and I'll