Remember those with the least during Lent

In the spirit of Lent, we, as University students who are privileged in so many ways, can give up small comforts in order to realize what we can do without. Sometimes, it is only when we are pushed to our limits that we realize what we are able to

The folks at Aggie Catholics have put together a ton of info, resources and links to prepare for Lent! Here is just a bit: LENTEN SUGGESTIONS. Increased Prayer: Wake up 20 minutes early and start the day in prayer.

Lent is a 40 day period of sacrifice, imagine trying to understand that as a child. Children are by nature very needy and self-centered. There is a reason children whine after things they want and tend to not understand the

Lent: Chruch canvasses aid for the needy. On February 19, 2012 · In News · Tweet. Kaduna – The Catholic Diocese of Kaduna Province on Sunday called on the faithful to contribute toward improving the lives of the less privileged in the

He said lent was a period for sober reflection and renewal of faith and trust in God. The archbishop renewed his call for the return of mission schools to their original owners as part of strategies to revive the country's falling standard of education