Ron Paul Poised To Finish Surprisingly Strong In 2012 Nevada Caucus

Ron Paul in third at 18%. Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney addresses supporters after winning the Republican Nevada Caucus at the Red Rock Summerlin Ballroom in Las Vegas on Saturday. Mr. Romney's back-to-back, double-digit victories in

Ron Paul, R-Texas, said the middle class is under attack. Paul also told the crowd Nevada is a place where there are “people who actually believe in liberty,” and he expects to do well in the Nevada Republican caucuses on Saturday.

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The thing about Ron Paul supporters is that they actually understand how the delegate system works. I'm sure that Romney will find many “Trojan horse” delegates pop up in the midst of his own and support Ron Paul. It would

Jon Ralston, a political columnist for the Las Vegas Sun and the host of “Face to Face with Jon Ralston, believes that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul may outperform the latest Silver State polls in Saturday's Nevada Caucuses.