Russians drill into previously untouched Lake Vostok below Antarctic glacier

Until the mid-1990s, nobody knew there was a lake two miles under Antarctica's icy Vostok Station. Now Lake Vostok is understood to hold more water than almost any other lake in the world. A decades-long Russian effort to drill through the ice and

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It has broken a seven day radio blackout of Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute drilling ops into Lake Vostok where a vast prehistoric body of water is being probed. Official briefings have tended to focus on the subterranean lake having

After twenty years and 2.2 miles of drilling, a Russian scientific team has reported that they have breached the ice cap above Lake Vostok some 3768 meters beneath Antarctica. Though many had theorized the existence of

2 (UPI) — Russian researchers say their drilling project is close to breaching a prehistoric lake trapped deep beneath Antarctica for the last 14 million years. The 20-year-project is about to reach Lake Vostok, the largest in a sub-glacial web of