'Smash' opening-night review: Reasons to root for Marilyn, the musical?

By Bill Lankhof ,Toronto Sun Television ratings for Super Bowl XLVI were off the charts, making Sunday's game the most watched ever. (REUTERS) Sunday's Super Bowl attracted a Canadian audience of 8.15 million, making it the most watched Super Bowl in

Katharine McPhee joined the likes of Howard Stern, David Beckham and Ferris Bueller on Sunday as NBC unspooled a new promo for its Broadway drama Smash.

Why does Broadway veteran Megan Hilty think that her new NBC show, “Smash,” will appeal to everyone and not just musical theater fans? Plus, since she has as curvy figure, which she says is not “normally what you see on television,” is she especially

We wanted to communicate the feeling that theatre people get when they're performing, that it does become this magical world,” Rebeck tells Zap2it.

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