'Sparkle' to release in August, Grammy producer speaks on tribute

Flint Northwestern forward Sparkle Taylor (middle) is averaging 18 points and close to 10 rebounds per game this season. – (Flint Journal file photo) Sparkle Taylor is a junior at Flint Northwestern. – (Sean Ryan | Flint Journal file photo) To say the

Sparkle was the unreleased film that critics believed would help relaunch Whitney Houston's acting career, but now we'll never know if those opinions were true.

Get Flash Friday was a routine kind of winter day, but I kept Sparkle engaged. After our usual morning neighborhood walk, I took Sparkle and Porter out in the backyard and threw the tire around for them. They were quite rompy, and thoroughly enjoyed

It was her idea of encouragement to 'sparkle'. My mouth immediately went into the snarl position. I can imagine Chiles' reaction to such a banal exhortation. Sport is often about suffering and disappointment and Chiles knows this.

The lights weren't quite right to catch much sparkle.