Stem cells could potentially fix 'broken hearts'

Pin it Mother Nature and Cupid have been working on a little collaboration…here are 25 more wonderful heart-shaped creations. See an additional 25 hearts in our post last Valentine's Day, 25 Awesome Hearts Found in

Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet When a piece of muscle in a person's heart dies from lack of blood flow, it scars over and is lost. But a team of researchers from the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles has proven that those muscles

Astronomy | Valentine's Day | It's no secret I love astronomy, but maybe you didn't know it loves me back. At least that's how it looks given all the valentines you can find in space if you.

BY THE NUMBERS: 2 BROKEN HEARTS – SHATTERED AND DYING "We strongly believe that the heart attack was just a symptombecause she had a broken heart." Orit Mimoun,Niece THE ULTIMATE HEARTBREAK: New research shows heartbreak is a real occurrence,

February 14th, the day of obligatory romantic gestures otherwise known as Valentine's Day, inspires bad ensemble movies, splashy Victoria's Secret commercials and gaudy drugstore displays rife with teddy bears.