Steve Jobs FBI file reveals new details

An FBI report on Steve Jobs revealed many unflattering disclosures such as colleagues who called him "abrasive," "demanding" and "deceptive." (CBS News) A secret FBI file on Steve Jobs is revealing new details about the late Apple co-founder and chief

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Photo: AFP. Topics: FBI ♦ federal bureau of investigation ♦ steve jobs. A file compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the late industrialist Steve Jobs released on Thuesday reveals that

The FBI kept a file on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, according to documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal. The 191-page backgrounder was gathered in 1991 at the behest of President George HW Bush, who was considering Jobs for a seat on the

Though sections have been redacted and more than two dozen interviews are narrated in dry officialese, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's 191-page file on Steve Jobs, released Thursday, reveals numerous lively details

The file is based largely on a 1991 background check compiled after Jobs' bitter 1985 Apple ouster, when he was running NeXT, nurturing Pixar and a candidate for an appointment to President George HW Bush's export council. His triumphant return to