Tell us: Is Jeremy Lin for real?

But a ray of hope has appeared in the form of Jeremy Lin. The 23-year-old point guard, only the forth Asian-American ever to play in the NBA, earned a starting role on Monday night's game against the Utah Jazz. He took that opportunity and ran with it,

OK, let's just get all the Jeremy Lin links out of the way. First And Lin goes from under-rated to over-exposed in record time If it was meant to be a “here's how Wall should mimic Lin,” I'd have just come out and said it here.

An interesting thing about Jeremy Lin is that unless he completely drops off the rotation, he will the starting all-star next year. 1B Chinese and several million asian americans will guarantee it. Reid Cherner and Tom Weir have been with USA TODAY

Lin exceeded expectations against the Wizards on Wednesday night. He raised his game and that of his Knicks teammates while recording the first double-double of his career.

In wiping out most of their assets to amass an incredibly well-compensated front court, the New York Knicks also have been working without an accomplished screen-roll playmaker well, unless Jeremy Lin is more than a one-game wonder.