The Bourne Legacy Trailer Sees Jeremy Renner Shoot Nails

"Hurt Locker" star Renner steps into Matt Damon's shoes for fourth "Bourne" movie. Will he kick as much butt in them?

Just in time for the "Bourne Legacy" trailer comes another bit of unexpected Bourne goodness. As you're likely aware by now, there's a new Green Arrow pilot in the works at The CW — and no, it's got little else to do with the Oliver Queen seen on

The Bourne Legacy trailer has debuted online, replacing the franchise's famous face of Matt Damon with Jeremy Renner's battered mug. From the first look at the next installment in the Bourne series, adapted from Robert Ludlum's novels, there will be

We just watched the trailer for the newest Bourne film, “The Bourne Legacy” and we are totally blown away. Jeremy Renner has taken over for Matt Damon, but he plays and entirely new character. The tag line for the film is,

Today: A new Bourne movie without the Bourne, Carrie Bradshaw rides again, and so do Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Here is a trailer for the new Bourne movie The Bourne Legacy, about Jason Bourne living quietly in Kansas and taking walks and reading