Twimmolation Alert: Roland Martin Gets His Ascot in Hot Water at CNN

with Soledad O'Brien had emerged as a fun, loose show that would broadcast live from diners more often than studios, and featured engaging panels with the likes of Roland Martin, Will Cain, John Fugelsang, and various politicians and commentators.

Even as a supporter of gay rights this seems a bit of an overreach to me. Were his comments a bit tactless, sure. I can even see how some people could initially find them offensive. But he's got a pretty good track record on gay rights issues and I

Roland Martin may have meant to joke about sports, but his bosses at CNN didn't find it funny and suspended the on-air contributor for several off-color remarks.

Violence against gay people or against any other minority isn't a political opinion" — CNN commentator Roland Martin after GLAAD started a campaign to get him fired from the news channel. Martin tweeted during the Super

By Roland Martin, CNN Contributor A Gingrich supporter attends a rally on the eve of Tuesday's voting in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota. Martin: GOP objects to wasting taxpayers' dollars, so why support this vote? Editor's note: Roland S. Martin is a