Washington father attacked sons with hatchet before setting blaze: Report

A family squabble in Lolo on Saturday turned violent after a man allegedly threatened his wife with a folding knife and his son with a hatchet, then punched his daughter's boyfriend in the face. Joey Meacham, 53, is jailed on $20000 bail after his

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An autopsy reveals that two young boys killed by their father, Josh Powell, had chop wounds before dying of smoke inhalation. http://www.digtriad.com/video/1437824499001/1/Officials-Father-Used-Hatchet-On-Sons-Before-Fire

The monster who killed himself and his two young sons in a Washington house fire two years after his wife vanished reportedly attacked the boys with a hatchet before setting the blaze. The sons of Josh Powell, who were just 7 and 5, suffered what

Puyallup, Washington (CNN) — The tragic tale of two boys killed along with their father in an apparent murder-suicide took another gruesome turn after authorities said the children suffered hatchet wounds before dying of