Woolly mammoth caught on video? It looks fishy

Video: Why did the Wooly Mammoth cross the stream?

A hungry woolly mammoth has allegedly been caught on film in Siberia by a government-employed engineer last summer. Thought to be extinct for over 4000 years this woolly mammoth seems to be alive and well. The site

have you worried that we are headed into an ice age . a government engineer caught this supposed woolly mammoth on tape in siberia. but they have been extinct for 10000 years. skeptics say it's just a bear with a fish in its mouth or clever video

Unfortunately, all signs point to this one being yet another blurry fake.

If you saw a woolly mammoth crossing a river and wanted the world to believe you, wouldn't you get as close as you could for the clearest footage? The debates over the footage are: is it really a woolly mammoth (no) or a bear with a salmon in its mouth