Tesla's Model S
Price:$69,900 - $125,970
Range: 208 - 265 miles
Seats: 5 w/ optional 7

Our Future Automobiles


Not too long ago my wife and I took the Financial Peace University program provided by Dave Ramsey.  This program revolutionized the way we both looked at our financial situation.  With this new and improved mindset, we both looked at the ways to minimize the amount of money that we spend in our day to day living.  One thing that stood out while looking at our daily expenses was the amount we spend on Gas and Maintenance for our automobiles.  There has to be a better way, and it wasn’t until I overheard a co-working talking about the advances in Electric cars. That I finally realized that this could significantly reduce the cost of our daily travel expenses. Currently my wife and I spend about $500 each on gas’s tolls and maintenance per car. The great thing about the electric car is there is little to no maintenance for the car. All you have to do is charge and go. That means no more expensive car repair cost like oil changes and fluid flushes. The only regular maintenance is the tires. Not to mention that you don’t have to pay for gas again.

The only two drawback to this technology is the cost of the cars and the limit on range for a single charge. The cheapest new electric car starts at around $30k with a $7k tax refund on your purchase. The second is the range with the exception of the Tesla most car only get less than 100 miles per charge. Which can lead to what some people are calling range anxiety. Although statistics show that the average american only drives about 50miles per day. Some companies have combated this by providing a gas generator with the car. This is known as a range extender. The Chevy Volt is the most famous of these types of models.

So now we have the facts, one can only wonder why are we not seeing more companies creating electric car for the consumer. Nissan and Tesla are really the only two companies that strongly pushing the all electric car and are really the leader of this new revolution. I really believe that an electric car is a way for consumers to save money and help the environment at the same time. But don’t take my word for it do some research and decide for yourself.


Fully Electric Cars

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