Josh Powell had 'incestuous' sex images, investigators say

Her body has never been found and Josh Powell, her husband and the father of the two little boys, was named by the police as a person of interest. He moved back to Washington state, where he and his wife had grown up, as the Utah investigation of his

The computer was taken by police following the 2009 disappearance of Powell's wife, Susan Cox, but the images were brought up for the first time publicly in a court custody hearing last week. Josh Powell.

Josh Powell: Josh Powell's family says he was a man driven by the media, courts and law enforcement to do the unspeakable — take an ax to his two young children, and then kill him and himself in a gasoline-fueled explosion

Police in Pierce County, Wash., have released the chilling 9-1-1 tapes from Sunday's double-murder-suicide by Josh Powell — husband of Susan Powell, who disappeared in Utah more than two years ago. Powell murdered his two sons and then killed himself

SEATTLE — The Washington state social worker who was supposed to supervise a visit between Josh Powell and his young sons says Powell told his oldest boy he had a "surprise" for him moments before attacking and