No Child Left Behind Law Issues Highlighted by Latino-Majority School in Florida

The President announces that 10 states will receive flexibility to implement reforms that raise standards for student achievement without being required to m

WASHINGTON — It could be the beginning of the end for No Child Left Behind. The goal was lofty: Get all children up to par in math and reading by 2014.

Photo: AP WASHINGTON, February 8, 2012 – Yesterday, relief came for some of the 82% of American school systems that were likely to fail annual assessment mechanisms of the No Child Left Behind law. That law which requires all schools that receive

By KEVIN BEGOS 02/ 9/12 06:20 PM ET AP PITTSBURGH — Some of the nation's largest states are questioning whether the Obama administration's offer to let them escape certain mandates of the No Child Left Behind law is a helping hand to improve education

COMMENTARY | Ten states were granted waivers from the requirements of No Child Left Behind, according to CNN. The states are Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Tennessee.