Josh Powell: "I'm sorry, goodbye" note left before killing himself, kids in …

GRAHAM, Wash. — Days after a judge ruled against him in a child custody hearing, a father and his two young sons were killed Sunday when police said he intentionally blew up a house with all three inside – a tragic ending

Flames pour from the home of Josh Powell after the afternoon explosion on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012. In this Sept. 23, 2011, photo, Josh Powell — the husband of missing Utah woman Susan Powell — is surrounded by reporters as he leaves a Pierce County

A Washington judge ruled Wednesday that the children of missing Utah mother Susan Powell must remain in the custody of her parents. The judge further said she won't consider returning the two boys to their father, Josh Powell, until he undergoes a

Josh Powell's note was simple and short, a farewell to the world after two years of being scrutinized in the media, hammered by police and questioned by judges, prosecutors and social workers, living his life under a microscope since the day his wife

Explosion at home of Josh Powell apparently kills Powell and his two sons.