Chrysler Super Bowl commercial: Was it political?

Chrysler again uses a star not known for shilling to celebrate Detroit — and sell cars.

He said overall Chrysler's dealers "are more profitable than they have been in a decade." Marchionne also was coy about the two-minute Super Bowl ad the automaker unveils today. He would only say the ad is "unconventional" and will reflect the Auburn

4 Responses to Arresting [Not] Charlton Heston/Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial: It's Half Time in America [Corrected]. Chris says: February 5, 2012 at 11:45 pm. Charlton Heston died in 2008! That was Clint Eastwood, who

1:16 am 2012 Chrysler Super Bowl Ad: Halftime in America: This year's Chrysler Super Bowl commercial features Clint Eastwood. Chrysler's Super Bowl halftime ad "It's Halftime in America" with Clint Eastwood. / Chrysler The inspirational Chrysler

One of the most buzzworthy ads to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday night appeared tinged with a political message: Chrysler's two-minute commercial titled "It's Halftime in America" seems like it could have been drafted by President Obama's