MIA's Super Bowl Flip-Off Was A Mystery To Cee Lo Green

NBC has apologized for airing footage of M.I.A. flipping off the cameras while delivering the line I don't give a shit during Madonna's Super Bowl hal.

As the media, and presumably a few prudes, get all a-twitter about M.I.A.'s flipped middle finger during the Super Bowl halftime show, it's easy to forget why she was up there in the first place. Yes, she was an invited guest, but

MIA Super Bowl: There's anger to spare over the British rapper's obscene gesture, but on Twitter much of it is directed at the people who think it was a big deal.

This is the music video for Bad Girls, the latest song by British-Tamil hip hop artist MIA – the same MIA who caused such shock across America on Sunday night by swearing and using an obscene gesture during her performance at the Super Bowl.

According to one report, the musician signed a contract indemnifying the NFL against her behavior.