Russian team reaches Antarctica's buried Lake Vostok, say reports

Millions-yr-old secrets: RT at Lake Vostok drilling (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO). Truly mind-blowing for modern science, the 20-million-year-old Antarctic lake drilling is a life-or-death trial for explorers believes RT's correspondent

February 1, 2012 Russian scientists expect to break through to a lake that's the size of New Jersey within a week or so. It's 2 miles below the ice near the South Pole.

It has broken a seven day radio blackout of Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute drilling ops into Lake Vostok where a vast prehistoric body of water is being probed. Official briefings have tended to focus on the subterranean lake having

After twenty years and 2.2 miles of drilling, a Russian scientific team has reported that they have breached the ice cap above Lake Vostok some 3768 meters beneath Antarctica. Though many had theorized the existence of

Vostok, as this relic lake is known, is over a mile deep and half the size of Wales. Kept liquid by geothermal heat trapped beneath the ice, Vostok is considered so alien that you'll often hear folks speak of it as they would the lake conditions on