Randy Travis apologizes for public intoxication arrest

In front of a house of God no less! For shame! The big news out of Dallas this morning was the arrest of acclaimed country singer Randy Travis. Early this morning, the cops were called to a local

SANGER, Texas — Country singer Randy Travis has apologized after being arrested on a charge of public intoxication outside a North Texas church. Denton County sheriff's spokesman Tom Reedy says police in the town of

UPDATE: According to Randy Travis, the reason he was drunk in front of a church was because he had just gotten into a fight with his girlfriend. The police report notes that the police observed Travis sitting in a black car with no lights on just after

After news of Randy Travis' 1:30AM arrest on a charge of suspicion of public intoxication circulated this morning, Travis came out with a public apology for.

Randy Travis has an explanation for why he was stumbling drunk in front of a church — he had just gotten in a fight with his girlfriend.According to the…