Randy Travis says Super Bowl was to blame

UPDATE: According to Randy Travis, the reason he was drunk in front of a church was because he had just gotten into a fight with his girlfriend. The police report notes that the police observed Travis sitting in a black car with no lights on just after

By The Reliable Source • Randy Travis was arrested early Monday after police said they found him seemingly disoriented with an open bottle of wine outside a Texas church, reeking of booze and slurring his words. Is that illegal?

Randy Travis apologizes for drunken antics following the Super Bowl.

Randy Travis was arrested in Texas; Toby Keith has a very important gig next month; Das Racist signs on to Tibet House benefit and yesterday's Super Bowl ratings almost topped the championship game's all-time record. Perhaps he had too much Super Bowl

Randy Travis has an explanation for why he was stumbling drunk in front of a church — he had just gotten in a fight with his girlfriend.According to the…