'Safe House': The Reviews Are In!

Safe House may be faux Bourne, but for those counting the moments till the release of The Bourne Legacy next August, it might seem better than no Bourne at all. Swedish director Daniel Espinosa has a flair for action

Selected excerpts from reviews of Safe House: Safe House generates enough genuine startles and provides plenty of aggressive action sequences to elevate it beyond your typical disposable fare. – Simon Miraudo, Quickflix (A) scattered but not totally

While working for the CIA may seem like a dream job, Matt Weston's (Ryan Reynolds) current position at a Safe House is certainly no picnic. He's a new agent, stationed alone in South Africa, waiting for the chance that he will

Review: When the tires stop screeching and the people start talking, the new Denzel Washington-Ryan Reynolds thriller "Safe House" gets substantially less thrilling.

The weekend before Valentine's Day means one thing: TONS of new releases. From romance ("The Vow") to action ("Safe House") to nostalgia ("The Phantom Menace"), all four quadrants will be served this weekend. Which film will emerge victorious?