The Bryce Harper-Joe Namath thing

By Dan Steinberg Earlier this week, Bryce Harper gave a candid interview to's Bill Ladson, in which he candidly suggested he might want to have a li.

Jets legend Joe Namath was famous for scoring on and off the field. His prognostication skills, however—at least, as demonstrated by picking the New England Patriots to win yesterday's Super Bowl—leave something to be. By Dan Steinberg

By Dan Daly Joe Namath was glitter and glamour with a movie-star mystique. By leading the New York Jets to a monumental upset of Baltimore in Super Bowl III, he helped transform football into America's favorite spectator sport. (Associated Press) Joe

By Kristian Dyer By Kristian Dyer | Shutdown Corner – 19 hours ago NFL Hall of Famer and New York Jets legend Joe Namath has been contributing to Shutdown Corner through the postseason to break down the key games, players and moments.

If and when he does become a superstar athlete, however, he wants to live his life like Joe Namath. “I'm going to be my own person,” Harper said in an interview with “There are a lot of professional athletes back in the old days that did what