Super Bowl 2012: Kravitz picks the Patriots

INDIANAPOLIS — MVP quarterbacks on marquee franchises. A rematch of a nail-biter from four years ago, featuring many of the same key characters.

NBC will be streaming Super Bowl 2012 live on the web for the first time ever. Here's a guide to watching the Big Game online.

From Kimi Harris and Mother Nature Network: The real question is not why drink organic beer, but why not?

Who are you rooting for in Super Bowl 46? If the Panthers could have won just four more games, including at least one victory over the Atlanta Falcons (10-7)—whom they led entering the fourth quarter in both contests—Carolina would have made the 2012

Super Bowl 2012 is blitzing us like a crazed linebacker, coming up in a matter of hours, and the numbers are stacking up quickly. We've intercepted a large quantity of them for you.