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Super Bowl 2012: Eli Manning celebrates; where is Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning and the Kansas City Chiefs: A match made in Heaven. It's Super Bowl Sunday and all anyone in Indianapolis can seem to talk about is Manning, Manning, Manning. Peyton, that is. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Redskins have had internal discussions about pursuing (surprise, surprise) Peyton Manning, Packers quarterback Matt Flynn, […]

2012 Super Bowl scoring summary

SB Nation is a collection of over 300 individual communities, each offering high quality year-round coverage and conversation led by fans who are passionate about their favorite teams, leagues or sports. By empowering fans INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Scoring summary from Sunday's Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. The Giants won […]

Pop music review: Madonna at the Super Bowl

During the Half-Time Show, Madonna gave the 50 yard line some "luvin'." The Material Girl struck a pose in a Gladiator-themed opening number for Vogue. Holding true to her promise of no "wardrobe malfunctions," Madonna's outfits were quite conservative There are so many different aspects of Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance that make it noteworthy: […]

Super Bowl updates: Patriots 17, Giants 15

By ESPNBoston.com The St. Louis Rams have achieved a resolution to the stadium lease issues that temporarily halted ticket sales for next season's tilt against the New England Patriots in London, the NFL announced Sunday. Tickets for the Oct. 28 game 2:00 4th quarter: Patriots 17, Giants 15 — With time in consideration, and down […]

Super Bowl 2012: Patriots, Giants return with rosters retooled around coaches …

Super Bowl 2012 is blitzing us like a crazed linebacker, coming up in a matter of hours, and the numbers are stacking up quickly. We've intercepted a large quantity of them for you. Underwood snagged three catches for 30 yards, including a 13-yard reception against the Denver Broncos in the Patriots' Divisional-round victory. See Big […]