Whale shark, 40-foot-long threatened animal, hauled onto Pakistani pier

You may think the current political election, prop 8 or Josh Hamilton may be important, but they pale in comparison to the dead whale shark. He is way better than them, and he is way better than you.

After fishermen discovered a massive whale shark unconscious offshore 10 days ago, the 40-foot-long, seven-ton fish was finally pulled out of the water in Karachi on Tuesday, CBS News reports. At least five cranes were used to lift the giant carcass,

A 40-foot whale shark was brought into harbor in Karachi, Pakistan on Tuesday, Feb. 7. after reportedly being found unconscious in the Arabian Sea about 10 days ago, the Express Tribune reports.

This YouTube video, uploaded by user 'mcghori', shows a dead whale shark being hoisted onto a pier in the Pakistani port city of Karachi on Tuesday. Local reports said five cranes were used to lift the dead shark, which reportedly measured over 12

A 13 metre sperm whale that died on a Belgian beach becomes a point of interest for locals. Four times heavier than the whale shark brought ashore in Pakistan, a 27-tonne injured sperm whale has drifted ashore on the Belgian coast and died before it